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's deputy are gathering to say thank you to the community for support. 13-year-old andy lopez was shot while holding a gun that looked like an ak-47 and it was a toy gun. cornell bernard is live in santaa with more on the gathering. cornell? >> reporter: the neighborhood gathering is just getting under way on this vacant lot. this is where of course sandy lopez was shot and killed. this is a pot lick and we are told everyone is invited. thank you to the community for support during a difficult time. donations to the family are welcome. meantime, memorial for andy lopez continues to grow and many bring flowers and candles. lopez was killed october 22nd shot by sheriffs deputy eric gale house who believed he was carrying an assault rifle that turned out boob a bb gun. police say he fired on the teen after he was ordered to drop the gun and did not. organizers hope it's a chance for the community to heal. >> you come and be with the family and support them for the loss. >> i just wanted to show my support for the family. hope that some changes are made. >> the lopez family has just arrived here
. >> a memorial is underway in santa rosa today for a teenager, andy lopez, who was shot and killed tuesday afternoon while walking with an air rifle resembling an ak-47. the deputy says he told lopez to drop the weapon but the teen turned and pointed the air rifle at him. the deputy opened fire and hit the teen seven times. the funeral is tomorrow. >>> a danville family is holding a mecklenberg -- holding a memorial right now for two children who died in a car accident a decade ago. they were riding a scooter and a bicycle on a city sidewalk when they were hit and killed by 45-year-old in 2003. she was under the influence of alcohol and prescription drugs. the memorial is underway at danville's sycamore elementary school. >> two more assist evidence living facilities in oakland and modesto have had their licenses suspended, both owned by the same person who owns the castro valley facility. 14 disabled patients were found cared for by just three people. we spoke by phone with the owner's attorney. he says the owner is severely ill and bed-ridden and disputes the allegations patients were ab
across the area this past week. sonoma county sheriff's deputy shot andy lopez on tuesday. lopez turned a replica ak37 assault rifle toward the deputies. today lopez family held a memorial for lopez. >>> also police shot and killed ryan solanga. it happened on poplar. solanga's uncle said he was unarmed. this was his first deadly officer involved shooting in san bruno in two decades. >>> and in union city, police shot and killed 47-year-old timothy lopez on monday night. the officers say they opened fire because lopez who was a parolee did not comply with officers orders. they said lopez was armed with a pipe and threatened them. this was the third officer involved shooting in union city this year. >>> new information now about that castro valley nursing home that is now empty. sheriff deputies found more than a dozen residents some of them bedridden abandoned yesterday. tonight we're looking at the home's troubled past. officials ordered management to close that facility. why workers apparently walked out. >> the crime scene tape means this is as close as one can get to valley manor on
by a sonoma county sheriff deputy. friends and family held a service for 13-year-old andy lopez fatally shot on tuesday afternoon while walking with a toy rifle that she assembled an ak-47. the deputy told lopez to drop the weapon but he turned and pointed it at hilt. the deputy feared for his life and opened fire. the f.b.i. has joined local agencies looking into the shooting. >> a district attorney is expected to open an investigation today into a senior living facility accused of leashing patients to fend for themselves. the sheriff deupties found 14 disabled patients on saturday. the staff left after officials ordered the facility closed last week. three workers including a janitor, stayed, without pay, to care for the patients. owner's attorney said there was sufficient staff. >> i will base everything on what the paramedics say. we are in law enforcement but if the medics are saying we need to getten to the hop, i go with what they say. >> the attorney says it is a misunderstanding and the owner is ill. the company owns two other facilities operating licenses that were revoked in those
teenager. the sheriff has confirmed that the deputy fired the shots that killed 13-year-old andy lopez while caring a toy rifle that resembled an ak-47. he is 48 years old and one of 26 range master's in the department and has not been crimed. he has handled field training of officers. the f.b.i. is looking into the shooting with other local agencies. >> san francisco city parks and recreation worker accused of running over a sunbather wrapped up a court hearing and driving restrictions have been imposed for the 58-year-old thomas 35-year-old mother in a city vehicle. the defense attorney says that he swerved to avoid hitting aing do. >> celebrity chef will testify in a marin county courtroom today in the attempted murder and car theft case of 19-year-old max wade, accused of stealing his lamborghini from a repair shop in san francisco in order to impress a girl. investigators say wade then tried to kill her and her boyfriend when she rejected wade. the defense says this is no evidence linking waited to the crime. >> the alameda county district attorney will open an investigation into
grown. all day long a steady stream of people have come here where andy lopez was killed on tuesday. some new the teen personally. >> he used to come over after school and ask if i could play outside. >> reporter: the sheriff's office confirmed the deputy who killed him. 4 eight-year-old eric gel house, a 24-year-old. he served in the national guard and according to his profile, a writer for s.w.a.t. magazine. a field officer and was on a training exercise tuesday night when he saw lopez holding a be- be gun that looked like an assault weapon. he shot him seven times when he failed to put down the gun and look toward the deputies. >> shame on the sheriff. you have broken our hearts. >> there are two marches planned in response tonight shooting. one at 10:00 tomorrow morning. organizers handed out fliers with permission slips so students can be excused from school to attend. another is wednesday at 5:00. >> terry is organizing that event. she didn't know him personally but she was disturbed. >> they are feeling they are suspicious in some way always. >> organizers for those two march
of a third -- 13-year-old boy from northern california after officer shot and killed him. police say andy lopez was carrying a pellet gun that looks like an ak-47 assault rifle and was wearing a hoodie on tuesday when he confronted them. witnesses told police they heard the deputy's order the boy to put down the gun twice. one sheriff's deputy opened fire when he thought lopez aimed the gun at him. family and friends gathered today to say goodbye to the neutral school student. more than 1000 people showed up, according to local news stations. number of his young supporters also held protests over the weekend to call the officers actions into question. the sheriff's deputy who opened fire on the boy is a 20 year veteran of the santa roa police department. police offered their condolences to his family during a press conference, but gave up physical demonstration. the gun on the left was the big one that lopez was carrying. the one on the right is a real ak-47. the two deputies have been put on administrative leave pending an official investigation. after the government shutdown furloughed
a training officer since 2007 and a medal of valor recipient. 13-year-old andy lopez was struck by gunfire seven times. two wounds were fatal. he was carrying a toy gun that resembled a semiautomatic weapon. >>> this is monica johnson. police say she hit her friend. it happened around 2:30 this morning in willow glen. johnson backed into buck and pinned her against the garage door. both women knew each other and were in the car together before this accident. there were beer cans at the crash site. >>> back in august, the ceo said the company would layoff 4,000 workers from its entire work force. more than 15,000 of its nearly 62,000 employees worked at this location. >>> and less than two hours from now, the pel can city counsel will consider a proposal to put a digital billboard that would look somewhat like this one. the new billboard would be on city owned property at the end of colorado avenue. that's just south of the oregon expressway exit. some drivers are complaining, saying the digital signs are distracting and can increase the risk of crashes. >>> still to come, a robot that can
of a teenager. a crowd of demonstrators is expected to rally in the name of children-year-old andy lopez in downtown santa rosa at noon. the funeral will take place today at 5:00 at the resurrection parish church in santa rosa. we have new information about the sonoma, sheriff deputy who shot lopez seven times after the boy flashed a realistic looking assault rifle. 48-year-old erick gelhaus is 24-year veteran of the force and firearms instructor and written on use of force advising officers to turn on the so-called mean gene when they need it. >> the city and county of san francisco have been hit with a lawsuit over an accident involving a motorcycle driver and a fire truck. it has been four months since the accident and no charges have been filed against the fire truck driver, 43-year-old michael quinn. we have exclusive details on the lawsuit. here is our reporter with the story from abc7 news. >> the surveillance video obtained by the network shows what happened, the motorcycle at the top, and the fire truck blows through the red light and send him into a fire high dramatic the he ha
calm. mourner arriving, family, friends of andy lopez who are here to celebrate his life. live in santa rosa, abc7 news. >> john, thank you very much. a large grum of family and friends packed a courtroom today in mem rif a paramedic shot and killed in the oakland hills. they atented aid preliminary hearing for christian burton. police say burton fired shots that killed quinn boyar driving home from his parents house. boyar's widow says cease seeking one thing that, it becomes a force of change making oakland, boyar's beloved home town >> i think it should be potential. that would be something. a total of five boys face charges of murder. youngest just 13 years old. that is ahead at 6:00. >> 100,000 gallons of raw sewage spilled in marin county. a foul odor led to the discovery. waste water spilled on to the ground near tam tam creek. the pipe has been fixed. sewage not expected to reach the creek because it soak into theed creek bed. and there has been a big problem with a path of destructive feral pigs that prompted the city council to propose a change in the law. the council going t
andy lopez was shot and killed, there is growing discontent with law enforcement and little emailing pa think for the deputy who killed lopez, deputy derek gelhouse. the sheriff says he feels terrible. he has been with the force 20 years. >> there have ben -- been several threats against the deputy. so we have to balance the deputy's safety with the understanding that the media wants to report and the public wants to know. >> a call to lawmakers to take action. the community review board will be involved in any officer- involved shooting like this one. >> reporter: the sheriff's department is not handling this investigation. it is being handed over to the santa rosa police department to investigate. julia goodrich kpix 5. >> in the meantime, family and friends are gathering at resurrection church for the teenager's funeral tonight. taking a look live now outside the service. mourners also got a chance to say their last good-bye to andy on sunday, but his actual burial is still to be announced. >>> medical issues once again delayed the court appearance for the woman accused of driving d
is a toy weapon. hundreds marched through the seats of santa rosa, carrying pictures of andy lopez. he was shot seven times by a deputy, smoking a pellet gun for weapon. >> jackson junior is behind bars, serving 2.5 years at a north carolina prison for spending $750,000 in campaign money on luxury items. he tried to check in on sunday but was turned away because of an administrative snaf u. >> with college costs rising parents and students are trying to find a match for education and the bottom line. kilmeny duchardt looks at whether the popular rankings help or hurt in the search for a school. >> trisha guduru. the daughter of immigrants from india hopes to become a paediatrician. she's a premed major at queens college, who lives at home. her tuition is under $6,000, all heir family can -- her family can afford. >> the college bays large amounts of aid. >> we are getting students, first in the family to go to college or first in this country. without us they wouldn't be able to transcend the particular situation and move up. >> financial planner bob traitz says cost has everything to
by a sonoma county sheriff's deputy one week ago today. 13-year-old andy lopez was carrying a replica of ak 47, toy gun, air assault gun when the deputy opened fire. good evening. the anger was made clear during a new protest over his death. this on the largest so far. as you can see from sky 7 hd over the sheriff's office where the protest march ended. wayne is on the story. the. >> now one week and 3 hours since the shooting death of 13-year-old andy lopez. fell is just another neighborhood kid to a symbol not just locally but nationally. >> it symptom is killing the youth with no future. >> lopez 13 years old walk with pellet gun made to resemble ak 47 rifle. last tuesday sonoma county sheriff's deputy eric gill house stopped him on the street told him to drop the gun then when gill house felt threatened he put 7 bullet into and through the young man killing him at the scene and inflaming this community. >> there's racial profiling discrimination there's bias. >>reporter: could have shot him in the leg. the. >> done it to a white killed. i bet not. >>reporter: that is one of the h
-year-old andy lopez shot and kill by a sheriff deputy. 600 attended the funeral. 2,000 people turned out for two rallies yesterday as anger continues to grow over the teen shooting death. lopez was carrying a low -- toy gun that looked like an assault rifle. >> an oakland technical high school immigration activists protesting a visit by u.c. president napolitano with visitors protesting the government deportation of to million immigrants. napolitano headed the department of homeland security at the time. she took over as head of the uc system a month ago. she is speaking to oakland high school students today about the importance of a college education. >> lost san jose parents of angry and frustrated after learning thieves wrecked a massive fundraising effort by stealing ipads stolen from a school over the week. matt, this story is worse. >> yes, they are going to be expensive to replace as parents and students at river gasoline -- glenn are upset. the technology room is not so advanced today. the computers on the on the dese older than the students. 31 new ipads and laptops were on
department just held a news conference in a kweks a shooting death of 13-year-old andy lopez last week, ker carrying a toy gun that looked like a assault rief rifle. another rally about to get underway. >> reporter: yes. pro testers are arriving here at old albert son's parking lot. at court house square there will be a rally. police don't release information about an officer-involved shooting but santa rosa police department, investigating the sonoma county deputy says it wants to meet the community needs. there have been serious concerns that tempers might boil over here, but the funeral for the 13-year-old was held peacefully yesterday. today a police lieutenant told us veteran deputy jumped out of the car and opened fire while his deputy in training was still in the process of stopping the car and taking cover behind the door. between the time he spotted andy with a replica ak 47 air soft rifle and time he was shot, ten seconds elapsed. >> the deputy who was in the passenger seat was able to exit quickly. he didn't have to operate the vehicle. and then, began to engage the subject wit
por acompaÑarno s. cesar ---los animos continuan caldeados en santa rosa por la muerte del menor andy lopez... pitch - blanca ---esta tarde las manifestaciones continuan entre miembros de la comunidad latina... take live chopper ---en estas imagenes en vivo desde nuestro helicoptero se puede observar lo que ocurre en estos momentos en esa comunidad que ha visto numerosas protestas por el incidente ocurrido la semana pasada... roll open under ....los manifestantes exigen que el policia que le dispar al menor, sea enjuiciado. take 2 box ---angel ayllon se encuentra en vivo desde santa rosa con mas informacion... adelante angel. take angel live angel live angel live cesar ---mientras que en el condado cesar ---mientras que en el condado de sonoma, la policia investiga un accidente automovilistico que dejo como saldo un muerto y dos heridos... take map ---el percance ocurrio ayer por la noche sobre la autopista 121 cuando el conductor de un auto que manejaba ebrio choco su vehiculo de frente contra otro coche... ---uno de los acompaÑantes del sospechoso murio y un padre y su hija que via
a mining claim there. >> another vigil is planned tonight to protest the killing of andy lopez. hundreds attended his funeral last night. the 13-year-old was shot to death by a sheriff's deputy last week while holding a bb gun that resembled a weapon, leaders say the killing has led to growing tension between officers and the community. >> that is part of the discussion we are going to have, what can we create, what dialogue can we create to ensure we have that, because it doesn't exist right now. >> last night's funeral followed another day of protest in santa rosa. >> earlier in the day 1000 people marched to the sonoma county sheriff's office to protest the shooting. deputies stood guard behind barricades and on the roof of sheriff's headquarters. the laly started at noon and only seemed to grow as the day went on but police say the huge crowd remained peaceful during the demonstration. >>> this shooting has now become a national news story. it is raising the debate on when officers should use deadly force, coming up find out what is making the tough decision even more difficult. >> i
the police shooting of a 13- year-old santa rosa. hundreds of people attended the funeral for andy lopez last night. the young teen was shot to death by a sonoma county sheriff's deputy last week. the boy was holding a bb gun that looked like an ak-47 assault rifle. and the deputy thought it was real. county leaders say more needs to be done to improve the relationship between the community and law enforcement. >> we have to do what key can to pre -- we can to prevent this from occurring again and creating better law enforcement in the community. >> last night's funeral followed a day of protests in santa rosa. the supervisor says he plans to hold public forums to give people a chance to air their concerns. >>> the city of san jose is considering two proposals to keep new officers from leaving the police department. one plan would require officers to pay -- to pay back a share of training costs if they leave within five years. the second proposal calls for the police academy to charge tuition and offer recruits a zero-interest loan. the city would pay back the loans who stay with the departme
justicia por la muerte de andy lopez. vo-blanca ---y crece de forma alarmante el robo de autos en san francisco. ---le decimos qu zonas son las preferidas por los ladrones para realizar sus fechoras. blanca ---lo esperamos en blanca ---las autoridades de alameda revelaron mas detalles... roll open under ....sobre un grupo de personas de la tercera edad, que fue abandonado en un asilo de castro valley. take vo ---durante el fin de semana, las 14 personas fueron trasladadas a otras instalaciones luego de haber sido dejadas al cuidado de 3 trabajadores por un periodo de 2 dias. ---el resto de empleados abandono el asilo "valley springs manor" luego que este fuera cerrado por irregularidad es con las instalaciones y la falta de entrenamiento del personal. stop open blanca ---los amantes de lo ajeno siguien haciendo de las suyas en el sur de la bahia ---esta vez le toc a la escuela "river glen" en san jose donde decenas de tabletas "ipad" y computadoras portatiles fueron robadas. ---mayra tostado nos tiene mas informacion sobre lo ocurrido. take pkg 0:01 0:10 0:40 pkg detras de esta puerta
sheriff deputy. andy lopez was shot while hold ing an air afault rifle designed to look like an ak-47. the deputy fired eight shots striking him seven times before the second deputy, a trainee, got out of the car. >> the time period between the time the deputy told the diagnosis patcher the observations and when he advised on the radio shots were fired was ten seconds. >> i cannot understand how this happened in such a short, short time. ten seconds and the boy is murdered. >> the officer who fired, erick gelhaus, doesn't remember if he identified himself but the department says that is not a requirement. >> the f.b.i. and the state attorney general will discuss launching an elder abuse investigation against valley springs manor in castro valley accused of abandoning found patients after being shut done on a variety of violations. one patient is still mission after walking away from the facility on friday. the 65-year-old man was last seen wearing a radars shirt, blue pants, black boots and a fishing hat. he walked away in the past. the social services department of the state should h
13-year-old andy lopez, according to the chronicle he told investigators he didn't recall whether he identified himself as an officer before shooting lopez, the boy was holding a bb gun that looked like an ak-47 assault rifle, the deputy said he thought it was real and feared for his life. >> a robbery suspect shot by police is due in court today, he is accused of attacking a man in the marina district, police say he arranged to buy an iphone from the victim and tried to rob him, they say he was shot after he fired what turned out to be blank rounds and pointed a gun at officers, last night police talked about it at a town hall meeting. >> you have a lot of folks questioning the security of their neighborhood and that is why i think the message from the police department needs to be one of reassurance. >> now police released this surveillance video, a photo that is they say shows him holding a gun in broad daylight. he is also facing similar charges in san mateo county. >>> san francisco police chief grigg sur says even he is not immune from crime, a few weeks ago someone broke into
-year-old boy by a sonoma county sheriff deputy. andy lopez was shot while olding an assault rifle designed to look like an ak-47. an attorney for the family said they are filing a federal claim alleging his civil rights were violated. the family is planning a news conference in san francisco on monday to discuss legal action against sonoma county. the "san francisco chronicle" reports that the for who fired the shots, deputy erick gelhaus has hired a lawyer who says he feels for the loss of life but responding properly to a threat. >> the state public utilities commission approved new safety rules for bart and other transit agencies. the vote was nap. the rules go into effect immediately. the new rules come after a deadly accident this month during the bart strike when two bart workers were killed while inspecting tracks. a trainee was operating the train. under the rules, they must immediately create a three listen way communications system between central command, train operators and wayside workers covering san francisco's muni and the santa clara valley transportation authorit
the sheriff's deputy who shot and killed andy lopez. according to reports the deputy involved told investigators he did not remember whether he identified himself as an officer before shooting lopez. lopez was holding a bb gun that looked like an ak-47 assault rifle. the deputy says he thought it was a real gun and feared for his life. >>> in just about an hour the man shot by san francisco police and accused of attempted robbery is due in court. nine-year-old ramel nav are easy is accused of trying of rob a man after using craigslist to arrange to buy an iphone for him, police shot him after he pointed a gun at them and fired what turned out to be blanks, he is facing similar charges in san mateo county. >>> in marin county a 19-year- old convicted of stealing celebrity chef guy fieri's lamborghini is awaiting his sentence, yesterday a jury found max wade guilty of auto theft and possessing a stolen carp, however he was only convicted for one of two attempted murder charges, he was found guilty of attempted murder for firing at a young man who was dating a girl he liked, but not f
n felipe. >> mientras tanto salen detalles del caso de andy lopez asesinado por un oficial, un testigo dijo que lo guardara por que agentes andan detras de el, erick disparo por temer por su vida cuando el menor apunto en su dirección. >> autoridades investigan el caso, beatriz tiene detalles. >> así es la policía quiere saber sí hay más víctimas de la (hablan en inglés) que vieron bezando a una alumna. >> una ayudante de programa de niños es arrestado con cargos, es erick de 20 años de cometer actos lacivos contra una menor de 14 años de edad, la estaba besando y tocando de manera inapropiada. >> avisamos a la policía de san mateo y servicios de protección infantil, pusimos a la persona en licencia administrativa pagada, no puede trabajar en escuela. >> se arresto el viernes pasado, pago 100 mil dólares por pagar la fianza. >> los individuos no tienen que estar solos en ni un momento, por eso alguien vio y aviso. >> así mismo el distrito escolar notifico a los padres y hacen todo lo posible para tener seguridad. >> me siento incomoda por que preocupa mucho, queremos seguridad
vehicles and this is a residential neighborhood with homes n all around. >> abc7 news learned andy lopez's mother filed a claim against sonoma county and sheriff's department this, is the first stoep a lawsuit. >> antioch police are blaming driver error for a really amazing crash this morning. a 67-year-old drove her hyundai through front doors of a 7-11 store. a customer did suffer a minor injury. investigators say alcohol does not appear tb a factor in this crash, just driver error, they say. >> well, we're out driving out and about, be careful. kids roaming streets trick or treating. look at the weather sandhya patel is on the roof with the forecast. sandhya? >> beautiful right now. get it? and tonight kids heading outside, it's going to be perfect weather. a nice treat. let's take a look at the forecast. sun goes down in about an hour, mild, 67 degrees, 7:00 p.m 61. you'll feel the chill by 9:00 p.m . mid-50s so if i were you i'd sneak in an extra layer. the weekend forecast includes change. cheryl? >> mer than 50 stanford students recovering from what may be the flu the university s
house. the same man who shot and killed 13-year-old an andy lopez. >> he realize that if he if shot a man or a kid, you know, there was possibility that he could have shot him as well so he was scared. >> he claims he was driving the bmw when gale house pulled him over for traffic stop and during the brief encounter the deputy pulled out a gun twice. gale house attorney said of the incident quote basesed on the deputy experience and training he was never will nil pull out the guchbility only if a need for it. earlier in an exclusive interview with 7 new news, he said he's sad by what happened but defend his actions. >> ak 47 with no markings that it was a replica gun that was point entered his direction. everything indicated that this was a real firearm and that mr. lopez was aware that the deputy were law enforcement. >> lopez family filed a claim against sonoma county. sheriff office failed to develop adequate training policy for the use of lethal force. in santa rosa, abc 7 news. >> happening now antioch police searching for the owner of 2 dog that attacked a group of neighbor
a 13-year-old boy toy gun as an assault rifle. we'll take you to a live gathering to remember andy lopez in santa rosa. >>> a drunk driver hit and killed a cal trans worker earlier this morning. it happened near scott creek road. cal trans crews were picking up cones when a car veered into a closed lane and hit two workers. one worker was pinned against his work truck and was pronounced dead on the scene. his father spoke to nbc bay area this morning. >> we'll do some counseling and just try to stick all together. try not to do -- some negative things. they don't pay off. just ask god to help us through this. >> obviously a difficult time. the second worker has minor injuries. the driver was arrested for drunk driving. >>> bart workers hit the ballot box today to finalize their new contract. it is expected to be approved. workers showed up throughout the day to vote on the proposal. the new contract would give them a 12.5% raise over the next few years. in walnut creek today, a group of angry bart riders turned in 20,000 signatures called for a statewide ban on transit strikes. >>
-old boy, shot and killed by a sonoma county sheriff's deputy, plans to file a lawsuit tomorrow. andy lopez was carrying a toy riffel and plastic handguns when he was shot on october 22nd. his family is expected to file a federal civil rights lawsuit against the county and the deputy. three wrongful death lawsuits have been filed. >>> it is now up to the b.a.r.t board of directors to vote on the deal. not even is happy. not from the union but a member of the board. it including a pay raise over four years, workers have to pay into their pensions and monthly health contpwaougzs goes up, one person thinks b.a.r.t caved in. >> we -- contributions goes up, one person thinks b.a.r.t caved in. >> we did not do the public justice. we were not really willing to accept it. we sweetened the deal once the strike happened. >> he does not know what the other board members do but he plans to vote no. the meeting to vote on the contract should happen this week. >>> it could be slow going on 101 in the north bay as a new casino opens on tuesday. along with a taste of vegas, the casino and resort is expecte
. the controversial shooting happened two weeks ago in santa rosa. 13-year-old andy lopez was shot and killed while carrying a toy gun that looked like an assault rifle. the civil rights lawsuit claims the sheriffs department encourages the use of deadly force even when there is no threat to public safety. the sheriffs office says this investigation is still in the early stages and calls the lawsuit premature. >>> a special city council session is being held tonight in clover dale. city leaders plan to discuss the crosswalk where two boys were hit on halloween night and a woman was hit and killed back in july. the boys as ages 12 and 13 were hit by a pickup truck. they suffered broken bones and a concussion but are recovering. the driver told police he did not see them in the street. police who live in the area says the intersection is too dark. >>> new information on the desperate search for a missing man in san francisco. police now hope a surveillance photo from mcdonalds restaurant could provide an important lead in this mysterious case. it was taken an halloween. investigators say it shows a m
the county. the controversial shooting of andy lopez happened two weeks ago in santa rosa. the 13-year-old was shot and killed while carrying a toy gun that looked like an assault rifle. the civil rights lawsuit claims the sheriff's department encourages the use of deadly force even when there's no threat to public safety. now, the sheriff's department says this investigation is still in the early stages and says the lawsuit is premature. >>> the city of sunnyvale may be getting tougher gun control laws if voters pass a new measure tomorrow. it's a controversial issue. janine de la vega is in sunnyvale to tell us more about what's going on out there. what people are saying. >> reporter: dave, whenever the issue of gun control comes up, people have passionate opinions. one man says he thinks more regulates -- regular lates are needed -- regulations are needed. this measure would require anyone whose gun is lost or stolen to inform police within 48 hours. and it requires those who sell ammunition to log and track sales. a local gun store is against the measure. opponents say it will not
the fatal shooting of their son, andy lopez was killed by a deputy nearly two weeks ago. he was carrying a replica assault rifle at the time. the family has already filed three wrongful death claims in that case. >>> this season's crab season looks promising there. sport fisherman able to start crabbing over the weekend but the commercial season doesn't start until november the 15th, this time for the first time in california they limit the number of traps they can have. >> voters will get to weigh in on a battle over the san francisco water front, developers want to build a development there in what is now a parking lot but first voters have to approve prop b and c, our exclusively kpix 5 poll finds it failing at the moment, a major are against those and it is the same for prop c, no leads on whether the building height should be raised. >>> on the cost of living crisis the developers agreed to contribute 11 million dollars to affordable housing but they claim it will block access to the water front. on the other hand the yes on b side point fingers at a distinctive private club. >> i w
the identity of the deputy. >> scandal by candle, this memorial's grown. >> andy lopez was killed on tuesday, a 13-year-old. some of them knew the teen personally. the sheriff's office confirmed the identity of the deputy who killed him. 48-year-old eric gailhouse is a veteran. department. he served in the national guard and worked as a weapons structuror, and was a writer for swat magazine. he was a field training officer for the sheriff's office and was on a training mission tuesday night when he was holding a weapon that --. >> shame sonoma county sheriff. shame on you. you have broken oir hearts. >> reporter: there are two marches this week. one at 10:00 tomorrow morning. state organizers handed out flyers so students could be excused to attend. there is another march planned for wednesday at 5. terry is organizing that event. she didn't know andy personally but is disturbed by what's happened. >> i think the community is tired of being persecuted. >> reporter: all afternoon, organizers of the two events have been standing on the street corners handing out flyers about this week. represe
marched to protest the fatal shooting of andy lopez. investigators say the teen was carrying a bee bee gun that looked like an assault rifle. they say when he didn't drop the gone, an officer opened fire hitting lopez multiple times. the fbi is investigating the incident. today's protest lasted three hours and no arrests were made. another march is scheduled for tomorrow. >>> a high school teacher in north carolina is out of a job after allowing students to draw blood for a biology assignment. mcmillan says the students were finding out their blood types by using a lab kit. the kit included needles that mcmillan allowed the students to reuse after they were cleaned with alcohol. she said she thought the experiment was approved by the school. >> if it was not okay to use, then i think that it should have been taken out during the summer. >> we don't want students to be, first of all, sharing a needle and second of all having any type of human blood in the classroom. >> an assistant principal stopped the lab after receiving a phone call from a concerned parent. she's not appealing her firing
. relatives of andy lopez will announce a federal civil lights lawsuit against the deputy. this woman is due to appear in court to face charges of killing two people while driving. menlo park police claim she was drunk when she struck her -- him and his wife. and there is a sudden spike targeting students. there were three incidents on the cal campus sense wednesday. abc7 news reporter sergio is live to keep students safe. sergio? >> ama in the last month there has been a dozen cases and in all of them, students have been the victims and in most of the cases the robbers are of a the students' cell phones. the student leaders say something has to be done to make a uc berkeley campus safer. with more than a dozen muggings and other attacks on the uc berkeley campus in the last month, some students are taking steps to protect themselves. >> i actually have a pep -- pepper spray in my bag. it is pink. i have gotten it yesterday. i got it now because i am paranoid. >> the latest attack happened on thursday night at the faculty glade. an 18-year-old woman was grabbed from behind by a man while his
-old andy lopez is filing a civil rights lawsuit in his shooting death by snow may county sheriff deputy filing the suit in san francisco today. andy was shot october 22 wild holding a -- while holding a toy gun that looked like an ak-47. the deputy appeared to be agitated when an man was stopped for making an unsafe lane change and the officer asked him to turn off the vehicle. at that point i put my hand out and i said, sir, the vehicle is off and he again screamed the same thing. >> erick gelhaus' attorney said he would only draw the gun if he saw a need. >> union police have a sear flash -- serial flasher in custody. this photo is the 20-year-old flasher facing 11 couples of exposure following a ten month investigation that started in november of last year. he spent months exposing himself at two parks in union city. police are asking anyone with information of the incidents to come forward. >> the oakland a's could make themselves feel at home at san francisco's at&t park as they try to hammer out a new lease at the existing home. multiple media reports say the a's won a two year le
of deadly shooting in santa rosa where mourners gathered this evening to lay to rest 13-year- old andy lopez. he was shot to death by a sonoma county sheriff deputy last week while holding a toy gun which resembled an ak47 attack weapon. the grief was too much for some as family members gathered to pray around the eighth graders casket. this was also a day of protest in santa rosa as students, parents and community members voiced their anger about the death of the teen. >> shame on you, shame on you. >> reporter: about 1,000 people marched to the sonoma county sheriff's office. there deputies stood guard in front of the building and on the roof. among the marchers high school students who's parents signed permission slips so they could attend. >> my parents said it was okay because they think that the kid didn't deserve to die how he did. >> i come as a father, my heart is broken for that family. and it could have been my kid. >> reporter: santa rosa school board member laura gonzalez says there is a riff between the latino community and the sheriff's department. >>> preparing for a split s
to protest the fatal shooting of 13-year-old andy lopez by a sonoma county sheriff. more than 600 people attended t funeral in santa rosa. lopez is carrying a toy ak-47 when shot we near his home. the deputy has been identified as deputy erick gelhaus, a veteran officer. the message from last night resonated with lopez' friends. >> he was too young. he didn't deserve that. he still -- he is gone but he is here in spirit. >> two rallies were felt if santa rosa. though were huge. a city council meeting was canceled because of the map the. >> a news conference is held by the alameda county sheriff and county fire department over a nurse home accused of leaving patients to care for themselves. 14 disabled parpatients were found with only three people caring for them, one a janitor. most of the staff left when the license was pulled. the attorney says his client is bedridden and this is a misunderstanding. >> there will be a hearing over the deaths of two bart workers kill while train operators were on strike. the hearing will be convened to get to the bottom the accident held november 7. the
young and old. but the focus was theÑiq same. to get justice nor andy lopez. >>w3 i:h)÷ play with air soft gd b.b. gunse1 like that. and what if i was going tot(u borrow somebody else's air shotgun and i was walking home i just decided to look like -- to turn around. >> those marching today believe the shooting was unnecessary. and they say they are marching to make a change.jfjf >> it's a real tragedy that we're still marching today over issues that affected young people then, black and brownÑiç kids in particular have to live in fear of the police and their parents sl v to live in fear they could be shot down for >> as they prepare to make their giving u[k bettert( picture of what happen last week when andy lopez was shot and killed by a ñrsonoma county deputy sheriff while carrying a replica ak-47. áu!je+tid not do that.47. >> those details have been q established, but what is unclear are two things, whether dep pis identified themselves when they told lopez to drop the weapon, and if the trainee who was driving the car at the time had of txk squad car before shots were fired
but hope to have updates later,. >> there is new information about the shooting death of andy lopez there. he was shot to death by a sheriff's deputy while holding a bb gun that looked like an assault weapon, investigators say he was already mortarrally wounded by the time a second deputy got into position, they say this explains why only one fired shots at the teen. that has been one of the big questions surrounding this case. >>> also last night hundreds of people went to andy lopez's funeral in santa rosa. some family members were obviously overcome with grief. they prayed around his casket. the family had support and sympathy of the people. >> it was sad, my mom didn't know him and started crying and my lady and even if you knew him or not. >> i guess they are safe, they are supposed to be out here protecting the servant. >> last night's funeral followed another day of protest. >>> this is what it was like earlier in the day, a thousand people marching to the sheriff's office to protest the shooting and deputies there stood guard behind barricades and on the roof of the sheriff's head
shooting of a 13-year-old boy. andy lopez was shot by the sonoma county sheriff deputy last week. katie marzullo will have new information on the shooting at the top of the hour. >> the couple killed while walking theiring do by a suspected drunk driver will be layed to rest today. the private funeral for the singh's is held in hayward. >> four, the state public utility commission is set to vote today on new safety rules for bart and other transit agencies. it is in response to the october 19 accident that killed two bart workers inspecting tracks. the new rules would affect san francisco's muni and the transportation authority. >> number five, the boston red sox are the world series champs finishing out the cardinals game six at home, 6-1, with ortiz named the m.v.p. the third win in the last decade. >> we starting off clear and cool this morning but i have a halloween treat with warm weather on the way. i will tell you what it will be like when you head out this evening and cooler weather this weekend in the seven-day outlook. >> speak of treats, on the bay bridge toll plaza traffic i
, they said. among the people today, andy lopez's older brother, 17-year-old anthony. the family has not spoken formally. anthony told us how they're dealing with the loss. >> they're hanging in there. it's hard on everyone. the house isn't the same anymore. >> reporter: how so? >> just quiet. just feels like there is a void in the house. >> reporter: deputy gelhaus says he fired because he was pointing the weapon at him. anthony says his brother was 13 years old, he was a kid, that he froze and probably needed more time. >> thank you. >> it's been a busy day. still head on abc7 news what happened inside of the caldecott tunnel today. it sent smoke billowing out along with a number of panicked drivers. >> also, an incident at discovery kingdom. find out how she's doing. >>> a mild note but what will the weekend bring? the accu-weather forecast is coming up. >> and remarkable work of a bay area engineering firm finding i want you to be kind.ff i want you to be smart. super smart. i want one thing in a doctor. i want you to be handsome. i want you to be awesome. i don't want you to l
and killed by a sheriff's deputy gathered to thank the community for its support. andy lopez was shot while holding an air rifle that looked like an ak-47 rifle. >> reporter: as candles were arranged and a cross was adjusted at the memorial, it was not lost on a few people here that this weekend marks the day of the dead. >> is it a mexican tradition to every first and second of november to come and celebrate the dead or your loved ones who have passed away. >> reporter: andy lopez's parents were here for a couple of hours. they did not want to speak on camera be. you they did say they will be in san francisco on monday for a big announcement. they will be joining their team of attorneys monday to announce a federal civil lawsuit against sonoma county sheriff's department. they joined 100 people for a potluck dinner. organizers say they have no intention of connecting the death to the day of the dead but they want to support the family. >> we just want to remember andy. we don't want to talk about what happened but we just want to remember him. >> reporter: a family attorney says that the 1
to our facebook page. >>> family of 13-year-old andy lopez filed a civil rights lawsuit today over his death. he was shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy. carrying an air rifle that looked like an assault rifle when deputy eric gelhaus shot him. the lopez family autopsy says the first shot killed lopez. we heard from his father. >> what i want to say is that we want justice. and also, we want an honest investigation oochlt there should be no doubt in anyone's mind that the person he was approaching, that the kid he called out a command to was just that. a kid. >> rallies against the shooting continued today. pro testers asking for gelhaus to be charged with murder. attorneys have not commented on the lawsuit but gelhaugs's lawyer says he did believe the weapon was real we streamed the news conference on our new abc7 news app. you can get updates on this story any time on our app. just go to abc7 slash app for details. >> operations at los angeles international airport are back to normal today. >> tsa officer gerardo hernandez was killed and two others were wounded by the gunm
. >>> 13-year-old andy lopez is laid to rest in california. the teen's death has sparked question and outrage. last week, a sheriff's deputy opened fire, after mistakenly thinking the teen was cawrg an assault rifle. carrying an assault rifle. >> classmates and friends of andy lopez carried his casket into the santa rosa church in california. his distraught parents, seen here. clarlsz mates remembered -- classmates remembered him fondly. >> andy was a really nice classmate. he would always make you smile and laugh and he was loved. >> reporter: but with the grief, there is outrage. hundreds took to the streets tuesday, many of them teenagers, skipping school. demanding justice for lopez, gunned down by a sheriff's deputy last week, who apparently thought the teenager posed a deadly threat, holding what turned out to be a toy gun, an ak-47 replica. but some think the deputy and his partner showed poor judgment. or worse, deliberately targeted a hispanic youth. >> we're here to say a badge is not a license to kill. we demand the cops be jailed. >> reporter: investigators from anothe
came on the same day that andy lopez family and friends said goodbye at his funeral mass. the fbi has joined the investigation in to his death. >>> delta airlines pilot is in custody in utah charged with groping a minor during a flight last weekend. 45-year-old michael james pascal was a passenger on the flight. he was sitting next to a 14-year-old girl. she claims when she woke up he was groping her backside. pascal said he fell asleep and somehow his hand fell in to the girl's seat. he's due in federal court today. >>> sky high fees for checking -- airlines are earning record amounts of money for sky high fees for checking bags and serving food. analysts predict major airlines will rake in $15 billion in extra fees this year alone. up 18% from last year. 60% of that money comes from frequent flyer surcharges and another 25% from checked baggage fees. >>> a blinding dust storm is blamed for a deadly pileup in southern arizona. three people were killed and a dozen others injured in a string of chain-reaction crashes that crushed cars and overturned tractor-trailers on interstate 10. 2
the shootng death of 13-year old andy lopez santa rosa police say a witness who was in the area heard sheriff deputy erick gelhaus order lopez twice to drop what he believed was an ak-47 rifle twice. and gelhaus himself said he knows he yelled at least once to lopez to drop the rifle. but gelhaus said he is unsure whether he identified himself as a sheriff's deputy. police also say lopez was wearing a hooded sweatshirt but his hood was down. lopez was also not wearing andy headphones or earbuds. also, police say a second deputy was with gelhaus in the car, but by the time the second deputy got out of the car, the subject was engaged and the threat was the teenager charged with saw trying to shoot a romantic rival and stealing the lamborghini of celebrity chef guy fieri was found guilit in marin county. 19 year old max wade was found guilty of one count of premeditated attempted murder for firing shots into a pick up truck in april of 2012. he was also found guilty of auto theft and posession of stolen property in connection with the 2011 theft of a lamborghini belonging to celebrity chef guy
-year-old boy by a sheriff's deputy. the death of andy lopez is a flashpoint. the growing concern about police overreaction and racial profiling. the deputy who killed lopez thought his pellet gun made to look like an ak-47 was the real thing. >> my concern is that i'm an african-american woman in a community that is terrorized by police. >> this guy is a veteran cop who didn't distinguish between a toy gun and real gun. it's frightening. >> reporter: the protests came on the same day that andy lopez' family and friends said goodbye at his funeral mass. the fbi has joined the investigation in to his death. >>> delta airlines pilot is in custody in utah charged with groping a minor during a flight last weekend. 45-year-old michael james pascal was a passenger on the flight. he was sitting next to a 14-year-old girl. she claims when she woke up he was groping her backside. pascal said he fell asleep and somehow his hand fell in to the girl's seat. he's due in federal court today. >>> airlines are earning record amounts of money for sky high fees for checking bags and serving food. analyst
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